Welcome to Oktoberfest 2009


The pictures are a combination of Harry's and mine...
Wednesday afternoon our first tent.... the Hippodrome

              Our reservations under Herr Muzsi

The Hofbrauhaus tent

Wednesday evening... we moved on to the next tent...


I was definitely having a good time....

The Hacker-Pschorr Tent

Checking out the Marienplatz in the city of Munich and getting some lunch before starting day 2 at the tents...

Back to the tents again...

The Löwenbräu Tent


We broke a bench!!!!... the waitress congratulated us and then had us go grab a replacement,
we did not miss a step or sip of beer



Passed out... one sitting & one standing... welcome to Oktoberfest, it kicked your ass


Hofbrauhaus Beer hall in Munich


Now we are back at the Hofbrauhaus Tent... Friday was crazy crowded and the only tent open to get in at 3:00 was this Hofbrauhaus...
standing room only...it was the last charge as many of us were getting up at 6 AM to go to the airport... not me though...
we grabbed a spot, tipped the waitress 20Euro, she had a group of kids kicked out and put us in there spot... where we stayed all night afternoon and into the night until it was cougar hunting time... fortunately for the cougars I was out of ammo from hunting earlier in the week..
so I had to flee the tent before it came to hand to hand combat

Harry's hot chicks



Muzsi Pics