Heather and John's Hawaiian Adventures

Heather and I have spent some time exploring the Hawaiian islands and have managed to travel to all of them during 2007 and 2008.  In June of 2007 we traveled to the island of Kauai on a sales trip Heather had won at work. We tagged in a few extra days to check out the island Oahu, traveling to the north shore and driving around the whole island.

In February of 2008 we returned to explore Maui, the Big Island & Lanai. We celebrated Heather's 30th Birthday and Valentines day. We also did quite a few days of diving as well as a night dive off the coast of the Big Island.  ~~Click on the Dive Flags and Blue Markers for pictures from our adventures~~

The Hawiian Flag... Click for more info...

Hawaiian Flag

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